Fix kodi Streaming authorization

Vshare is a popular video hosting website known for providing movies and tv shows for free at the highest quality. Many video add ons on Kodi support Vshare eu pair and make it extremely popular. This popularity has risen many errors in the process, let us find out how we can fix them.

Working Kodi Streaming Authorization Steps

  1. Launch your Kodi installed on the device with the latest version installed.
  2. Find the video add ons tab and select it from the home screen. Click on any of the popular video add ons you have which you prefer to use for streaming TV shows and movies.
  3. We need to now get the error pop up of stream authorization by playing any movie or tv show from the vshare eu host.
  4. After selecting a movie or tv show to play, go through all the available hosts for the video and find the vshare host, then select it.
  5. You will see that you have an error pop up with the following message inside “To play This Video Stream Authorization Is Required.” We can fix this easily by using the vshare eu pair method where you will pair your device IP address with
  6. To start the Vshare eu pair process, you will need to open your web browser and enter the url . Also make sure the browser you are running for this is the latest version.
  7. Now make an account at using the sign up option.
  8. Do not enter wrong information for valuable fields like Country and email id.
  9. After finishing with the sign up process, go to your email and search the verification link sent. Click on the verification link to verify your account you just made.
  10. After finishing the sign up process, go and login by using the sign in option and entering your credentials.
  11. Now go to the vshare eu pair home page, to begin with the pairing process.
  12. Click the checkbox and complete the given captcha to prove to the website that you are not a robot. After finishing the robot verification, click the Pair now option.
  13. Open your Kodi and you will see there is a different pop up with a message showing that the pop up was successful.
  14. Now watch any video without any issues at

Method 2 : The “Disabling Hosters with Captchas” method ( 80% accuracy to work)

  1. Run the latest Kodi software installed on your supported device like Windows, Android etc.
  2. Find the Video add ons tab after reaching the home screen of your Kodi. Search for the video add on you use for streaming and open it.
  3. Search for the Tools Tab which is located right at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once you enter Tools option, navigate down one more time till you find the Clear Cache option.
  5. Once you have found the Clear Cache option, click it and you will get a warning pop up message. Click yes so you can confirm.
  6. Now go to the next option, Clear Providers and select it.
  7. Another pop up with a warning message will appear asking you to make sure of what you are going to do. Again, select yes to confirm this.
  8. Now go to playback, this is normally located at the third option from the top.
  9. Search for option called Hosters with captchas.
  10. Disable it.
  11. Click on Ok to save all the changes.
  12. Now head back to the main menu.
  13. Now try to watch any video content to play and test the changes we just made in your Kodi.
  14. As an example, you can go to movies, and then select the horror option for opening a listing of all the available movies in the horror genre.
  15. Select any of the horror movies you see in the list, let’s choose IT as an example. You will see there many https // hosts and links appear in the top which normally require you to pair with the hoster in their hoster pairing website.
  16. Select one of the http // host providers.
  17. The movie will play successfully.

Method 3 : The “Configuring URL Resolver” Method

  1. Run your Kodi software with the latest version installed in your preferred device of usage.
  2. Once the Kodi application opens, locate the option settings tab and click on it to open it.
  3. After entering Settings, look for System settings and select it.
  4. There will be an option to change the view of the settings mode, to change this view, you need to convert the view from Settings Mode to the Expert mode.
  5. After changing view to expert mode, find “Manage Dependencies” and select it.
  6. You will now be greeted by an enormous list of options to choose from. You have to carefully go through all the options and find the one which says “URL Resolver”.
  7. You will need to select URL Resolver. After you enter the URL Resolver, from there you must select the configure option.
  8. Many popular hosts will appear on your screen now from which you must select the one required.
  9. Look for the hoster that says “Vshare pair” and click “Disable.”

Final Words

With this, all the methods and solutions to the Vshare eu pair stream authorization have been covered. Comment down below for any issues.

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